Sunday, January 29, 2012

12x12 Challenge

It's almost a month in, but I'm finally getting the chance to post that I'm participating in the 12x12 challenge started by Julie Hedlund and supported by author Tara Lazar. What's that you ask? Write 12 drafts (not necessarily submittable) in 12 months. Er, no sweat.

I'm so glad I joined because work has been giving me more reasons than ever to ignore my children's writing. I write for my job. I write all. day. long. My world is full of words, and none of them are mine! A Frog and Toad quote comes to mind: "The whole world is covered with buttons, and not one of them is mine!" That's how I feel sometimes.

So I'm thrilled to say I just finished a draft of a picture book that I'm actually super excited about. I may not write 12 stories that become actual submissions, but writing this one reminded me how fun and surprising writing can be when you just let go and write. I kept having those "oh! and then he can do this!" moments throughout--that I didn't see coming. Love that.

Anyway, glad to be writing again, not to mention, it's giving me a reason to keep up with my blog!