Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My book trailer for A Dress for Me! Check it out!

I had a date with iMovie a couple of weeks ago. We created something beautiful. Well, at least, I think so. If nothing else, it's super cute!

Please check out my book trailer for A Dress for Me!, (companion book to Shoes for Me!) that comes out March 1, 2012. Hippo is on the hunt for the perfect dress. Perhaps she's going to the Oscars?

Bursting with Book News!

I am sooooooooo thrilled to announce that I've just sold TWO books to Golden Books! I'm over the moon. The titles that will join the Little Golden Books line are:

A Pirate's Life, about a yound landlubber who, while getting a tour of a pirate ship from the captain, earns his sea legs in battle and becomes an official pirate himself!

Robots, Robots, Everywhere!, is a rhyming collection of all the many robots of today - from toys to working robots that help us clean, explore space and sea, farm, and more.

Both are written in short, playful rhyme.

Big thanks to my wonderful agent, Jennifer Unter.

Today has been a fantastic day!!!