Monday, November 5, 2012

A defining book review

Because I simply did not have enough on my plate....I lined up an occasional gig reviewing newly released picture books for Daily Candy Kids-and my first review ran today! Woohoo!

They're called "Book Reports."
I don't get a byline or anything fancy like that, (well, maybe a little street cred). Mostly I'm doing it because 1. I love to write, and 2. I think there are so many wonderful picture books coming out now that may go unnoticed, or simply not get the publicity they deserve. Unless they have 'hat', 'cat' or 'llama' in the title these days, I fear the masses won't hear about them. So it's my personal mission (along with Daily Candy), if you will, to discover and reveal the golden eggs being laid by talented authors everywhere.

So, I invite you to read my review of Noah Webster & His Words by Jeri Chase Ferris, illustrated by Vincent X. Kirsch.